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Methods of correction of impotence

Impotence is a problem for many modern men of middle and old age. The first signs of the development of erectile dysfunction can make themselves felt already at a young age, since there are quite a lot of reasons for the disorder of the sexual system. Experts recommend taking measures to prevent the development of impotence, so as not to lose sexual power and save men’s health. And what if the symptoms of complete erectile dysfunction are already present? First of all, do not fall into despair!

Impotence is not yet a sentence and there are many effective ways and means that can restore the sexual system, for more details see .

Methods of correction of impotence
Before deciding how to treat impotence, you should find out the main cause of sexual impotence . Depending on the etiology of the problem, specialists determine the direction of therapy. As a rule, the treatment of erectile dysfunction is complex, including such techniques:

Drug therapy. It is based on the use of pharmacological agents to eliminate the underlying cause of disorders, as well as drugs to increase potency and enhance sexual desire.
Psychotherapy. Applies to all men without exception, who suffer from sexual impotence. In 80% of cases, the main factor in the development of impotence are psychological problems and after their decision, improvements can occur even without the use of drugs.
Injection pharmacotherapy . Special drugs are used in the treatment, which are injected into the cavernous bodies of the penis in the form of injections. The use of such drugs gives an instant result, causing a powerful blood flow to the penis and strengthening the erection at times. This method of correcting sexual function is effective even in serious psychological problems.
Stimulant preparations . This group of drugs does not apply to the means that cure impotence. However, the use of such tablets as Viagra, Cialis and Livitra , makes it possible for a short time to forget about sexual impotence and feel like a full-fledged man.
Prosthetics. It is prescribed to restore erectile function to patients with signs of irreversible impotence. Surgical treatment is required for men with severe pathologies of the genitals, with venous and arterial insufficiency of the penis and in other cases when conservative methods do not give a stable and positive result.
To determine how to treat impotence, you should consult a specialist and take a survey.